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gsauny21 Registered Posts: 16 New contributor 🐸
Hi I have to submit my CPD soon to renew my licence, I have been good all year with online reading, attending local branch meetings (as and when) etc. The problem is I haven’t attended any master courses. I was just looking for any useful feedback from other fellow members on how you manage your CPD?

Thanks in advance….


  • T.C.
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    I don't attend master courses, mainly because they are never close enough. However, I do my CPD online, from magazines, books etc. So long as you can show that you have covered all the subjects that you are licensed for, you should be fine.
  • jamesm96
    jamesm96 Registered Posts: 523
    If you can justify the subscription (it's about £25 per month, I think) SWAT do an 'Access to All' subscription which gives access to loads of webinars at no extra cost, as well as CDs of webinars for permanent reference.
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