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Just purchased VT Accounts today and it was all going so well until I tried creating a Tax Computations XBRL file. I'd installed VT about a year ago but then decided against buying a licence and have been using HMRC's software instead. Therefore, today I just entered my licence number and created the accounts fine, but when it came to create the tax comp file it didn't work. I thought it's because the version I had was too old so I've installed the latest version now but when I open the accounts again it still won't work. I get a message saying 'There are no sheets specified as making up the document. Would you like to specify one or more sheets now?'
Anyone know how to fix this?
I will ask VT too but as it's Friday evening now I might be waiting til Monday for a reply now.


  • JodieR
    JodieR Registered Posts: 1,002 Beyond epic contributor 🧙‍♂️
    Sorted :)
  • KenS
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    Hi Jodie

    If that happens again there is a useful VT discussion group here:


    which always has answers by the owner of VT and some of the support guys.

    By the way I've joined AAT as a student member and currently studying Level 3 - decided I needed a proper qualification to go with my years of experience!

    Hope you are surviving January ok!!

    Ken - from round the corner ;-)
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