Help with a couple of items in Personal Tax not in Osborne Book

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I have just completed the practice assessment for PTC on the AAT website, however a couple of items arose which were not covered in the Osborne Tutorial, any ideas on where I can find information on the items and if anyone has come across other items which were missing from Osborne book.

1. educational grants - I have had a quick look at HMRC site and could not find much info.

2.Main residence election.


  • daniella75
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    2- Main residence election - see page 7.2 from Osborne book
  • WAD2001
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    Hi the Kaplan books give a different angle to personal tax, Ive passed my personal tax exam and would advise that there are a few questions in that are purely common sense questions, the main area was a shares question which was nothing like I had seen in any of the books.
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