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I am currently completing self assessment for a family member and because she works from home I would like to include some allowable expenses. I have calculated these but am not sure where to enter the amounts. She works as employed for two organisations, where she visits candidates in their workplace but completes the paperwork and some of the assessing from home. She also works as self employed where she completes the same type of work. My question is where do I include allowable expenses for the employed section of work she completes? I can't include this in the self employed section as the amount earned is less than the expenses I want to claim, and some of the expenses relate to the employed elements of work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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    The employment pages of the tax return should be kept separate. Complete these with the information from the P60.

    The self-employment pages should relate to the income from self-employment and the expenses relating to the self-employment only. If there is a loss, that is not a problem. Just enter the figures as they are.

    If you need more help with this I suggest that you ask someone a little more qualified to assist. I would be pleased to help if you need it - please 'private message' me if you want me to assist further.

    Good luck.
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