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I recently visited a client with the draft accounts and tax position along with our invoices as it is normal policy to invoice upon draft accounts. The client requested that I change certain figures as they were not happy with the tax bill. I advised them that without evidence of additional expenses I could not amend the accounts. The client then decided that they would change accountants if I would not alter their accounts.

Since then there has been a dispute about our invoices and hence I have not forwarded any information to the new accountant. We have finally been paid in full today and are now going to respond in full to the professional clearance letter.

My issue is that the new accountant has asked for a copy of the draft accounts as prepared by us and I am not sure as to whether I am oblidged to forward these figures as they were never agreed by the client but they have paid for their preparation.

This client had two companies with us that now both have overdue accounts due to their reluctance to pay our fees.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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    I wonder whether a quick phone call to the accountants to explain may help alot. Explain that you aren't trying to put them off just that it was far easier to explain over the phone than in a letter. You will hapily provide the accounts but any alterations they make are for up to them to decide.

    You will nkow more about the scenario and what happened but I have had clinets ask the same. My response has been more along the lines of helping them to lower it legitimately by suggesting expenses that may not have been paid through the business bank account such as the odd bit of postage. I feel it then seems as though you are on their side.

    As I say you know the client and the scanario and how legitimate any requested changes may have been. If you cannot act for them in good faith then you are doing the right thing by letting them go. Personally I wouldn't try to be awkward with the handover more helpful so as the new accountant is aware of what to expect.

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    I would just hand them over - nothing to be gained from refusing to do so.

    I wouldn't waste any more time worrying about what the new accountants are or aren't going to do with the information.
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    Thanks for the replies, thats pretty much what I had decided. This client has made a £400k profit and wanted to include an additional £100k expenses plus a £50k non existant creditor. Glad to see the back of them and good luck to the new accountants is what I say!
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