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Just wondering if anyone has come across this situation.
I gained a new limited co. client in december 11, which has a March 31 year end.
The company was set up in april 09 and the previous accountants filed the 1st years and accounts and the sole
directors tax return. On both they declared a salary of £5,712 plus dividends.
No problem so far. My problem is that they can't supply me with the companies paye reference as it seems that no scheme has been set up.
I need to come clean with hmrc and inform them of the situation plus inform my client.
Could hmrc void the salary in the company accounts ?
Does anyone have any thoughts, ideas comments.


  • burg
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    Come across it before. Ended up just setting up a scheme for current year and igmoring any old problems. There is no lost tax just a lost year of NI conts for state pension. Overall not likely to be a huge problem.

  • deanshepherd
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    Agreed. It happens all the time. Lots of lazy accountants out there.
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