IAS - where to find the descriptions?

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Basically I am due to do my first exam at this level in February the Ltd accounts one. I need to memorise the IAS' and just wondered if anyone knew where I could find the descriptions of the standards? Ive got about 20 which need learning IAS numbers :-


Does anyone have a link or a website where I can find these standards and there definitions as I havent bought the books for this level due to pure refusal of spending a ridicolous amount of money on books for one years studying.

Any help would be much appreciated


  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Luby

    You might like to try this link http://www.iasplus.com/standard/standard.htm

    Scroll down towards the bottom of the page for the IASs - each has a link which once clicked on loads up details about the IASs... plus I'm sure there will be other websites that you could browse following a search on Google.

    Enjoy :)

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    I don't know if you are considering further study but Clare Finch's book is really useful, she explains them in a memorable way and I used it right through all the financial papers in ACCA.
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