What is a basic payroll qualification?

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Bit random this!
I'm completing my cost benefit analysis for my ICAS project. One of my recommendations is for the payroll clerk to be given the opportunity to study a formal payroll qualification. I need to give an approximate cost for this but am not sure what basic payroll qualifications are available and am going round in circles. Please can someone who is studying/has studied a payroll qualifiaction point me in the right direction?


p.s I've aleready consulted my trusty friend Google but as I don't know anything about payroll I haven't managed to identify an appropriate qualification!


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    I'm studying for a payroll qualification via IAB as they are quite cost effective.


    CIPP offer in depth training right from the basics and up to masters degree level - but it is quite pricy in comparison though.


    Most payroll software providers have some sort of training package available. Have you looked at the webpages of Sage and the like ?

    I'm also on the cost/benefit analysis section of my project. I'm looking at implementing a clocking in system for mine though. Interesting how we both started out in a similar place and have taken different directions ....

    My project is stupidly long (what can I say - I am a waffler!) Last night it was hitting 6000 words, I have edited back to 5000, but I still have a way to go. Can't wait to get it finished and signed off.
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    Thank you for the info, you are a star!

    Like you say, it's interesting that we are at the same place. I'm just trying to get my internal controls and fraud section up to scratch and get the CBA done. Time is ticking my, I think I have to upload my first draft next week.
    I can't believe you've managed to find that much to write! i'm the other extreme and struggling to get my word count up, it's only just over 3000! To be honest I've found the project really hard going, I think alot to do with outside distractions, but I just haven't been able to get my head in to it and get it flowing!
    Good luck with yours, and thanks for the help :)
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    As you now know IAB and CIPP both do payroll qualifications but don't forget Payroll Alliance and The Learn Centre. I am not against the studying provided by Sage etc but I am very sceptical that they are generic enough to do the job.

    What is important is to ascertain what level the prospective learner is working at and is expected to acheive. If this person is a practitioner in payroll dealing with small size clients and has a process which is fairly routine then qualifications to level 2 are probabaly most appropriate. That makes it IAB who have levels 1 and 2 based on the national standards.

    As soon as the person deals with statutory payments, recoveries, court orders and gets involved in the new developments coming up, maybe become pro active in the auto enrolment of pensions then level 3 becomes necessary and when year end returns and P11D's are added then the employer needs to consider a level 4.

    It is all relevant to the requirements of the job, in other words there is no requirement for a masters or a BA in Business and Payroll Management if the person processes payrolls for pubs and corner shops with the largest one being 20 staff. Be warned though, even at the smallest level payroll people can be dealing with some serious issues.

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