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i have almost completed level 2 of my apprenticeship with aat and am wondering is it possible in anyway to start level 3 without all result back as if not it means im going to be stuck without studying until september due to a mess up with being booked onto a course and my employer said to keep on top of studying between now and the next set of courses however how do i do this is i have no courses until then? :(

im really confused/a little peeved at the scheme so any advice would be fantastic


  • Rinske
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    Are you able to borrow/ buy one of the books and read and practice on that one before your new course starts?

    In the old qualification you could just start on the next level before the results came back and it would surprise me if that had changed all of a sudden!
  • Sheepish93
    Sheepish93 Registered Posts: 26 ? ? ?
    I have the books, however I have to do the courses so I feel if I read ahead I'll be bored on the courses as I have between march/April til September with nothing :(

    The funding is from government so that's why I have to wait as its a government funded scheme so they'll want to know its worth putting the funding up for next level... Even though the exams overdone so far I've passed at first attempt, I think it's a bit unfair but it's the way things go I think just ashame as I really enjoy studying
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