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financial performance!

nicd1981nicd1981 Well-KnownLiverpoolAAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 244
I did the financial performance exam last night and it was horrific, id studied and thought i knew everything they could possibly ask, but there was aspects i just didnt know!
I now have the wonderful experience of waiting 6 weeks only to be told i failed!! ha
oh well, back to the revision, financial statements next!
Nicola Donnelly ,MAAT, MIP, CIMA Dip MA

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  • AAT Level 3AAT Level 3 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 75
    You never know what might happen I was having the same stress for Financial Statements then I find out today that I passed. There were two questions in the exam I had never seen before and it turns out all that stress was for nothing.
  • guinea pigguinea pig Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 402
    Again, you never know... and the wait is horrendous, I took Financial Statements when I was ill, and thought it was incredibly tough. It was the first unit of level 4, and I starting thinking that if I failed, it was all going to be beyond me, and maybe I should give up. I also missed 2 months of college, due to illness, and had to catch up by studying at home. The results took just over 4 weeks. Amazingly I passed! and this really made me feel so much better, and ready to push on. I have now studied two units at home; Credit Management - I had problems in the exam with this one, the text box would not expand for my answers on some questions, my tutor said I was borderline, and this wait was 5 weeks, and again I was amazed to find I'd passed! I've just taken Budgeting, which I found interesting, but the written questions were challenging, so now I have another long wait for results.
    I hate this waiting 4 weeks, then constantly checking the AAT results page. My tutor told me my credit management results were out, just a few hours before I sat the next exam, and I didn't want to look! of course I did - several times, as they had not come through to me, stress or what! then I checked after the exam and they were there .
    So - think positive, and lets hope that you get good news soon.
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