Pricing for landlord accounts

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I'm in a bit of a quandarry. I've always charged my small landlords less than my sole traders for final account as basically, they're only interested in their P&L and only interested in that for filling in their SAs.

So I've charged them about half of what I would a sole trader and just given them a basic P&L and done their tax return. I think I might be underselling myself.

How do your charges for small landlords, 1 or 2 properties compare to your charges for sole traders?



  • burg
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    Similarly to you but more about 65% of a basic sole trader

  • Monsoon
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    My list price for a tax return with 1 property income is £195+VAT. In contrast a basic tax return is £125 and an average self employed person is £300-350 ish.

    Contrast this with a couple who have a portfolio of 20 properties and they are a lot more than my average self employed person!
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