Personal Tax 2011/12

guinea pigguinea pig Trusted RegularPosts: 402Registered
Hi, we have just started this unit, and understand that according to the Osborne book "the AAT plan to assess this legislation from March 2012" does anyone know if this has been confirmed?


  • clegganatorclegganator Well-Known Posts: 184Registered
    My tutor at college said that they will stop assessing 10/11 in May I think. It would make sense to start from March '12 as that is when that finance act comes into force.
  • anniebabeanniebabe Experienced Mentor Posts: 595Registered
    I am doing PTX FA 2011/12 with my local college - we are sitting the exam March 15th - apparently it isnt assessed till March - so you should be ok. unfortunately all the mock cbes and the greenlight seem to be 2010/11 - so its good to have the books.
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