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Hi all,

My daughters boyfriends dad paints brand new trains for a living and repairs them as well. He is trying to classify his trade for companies house after his last accountant put him as 4544 painting and glazing.

I've suggested he goes under 33170

Repair and maintenance of other transport equipment n.e.c.

Does that sound about right? I would have picked contractor but can't find that anywhere in the SIC codes and I work in industry so im not used to this whole SIC code business.

Thanks in advance :)



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    i don't know which would be more appropriate but i have tried phoning Co House about this before when i wasn't sure which code a client should use and the man I spoke to said to use whichever one I wanted, it made absolutely no difference to them what I chose. So don't worry too much about it. I think that they only use it for statistical purposes, so unless your turnover is into the millions I don't think anyone's bothered.
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    Thanks Jodie,

    I got the impression it wasn't end of the world if wrong. :)

    Just want to add i'm not actually doing the accounts. They decided to ditch the old accountant and do the submission themselves this year. I work in industry and have made it clear i may be qualified but have no where near the experience to risk messing it up and won't be advising them on anything other than this simple suggestion of classification.

    I do get the dreaded feeling though that my darling teenage daughter will be volunteering me for more "advice" in the near future!

    Thanks again
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    Help with SIC codes


    Due to the lack of information on SIC codes on the internet we created this site gives a wealth of information on SIC Codes, you can download SIC structures and there is an SIC finder tool that if you type your company name or what your company does it has a good chance of finding the right SIC code for you.

    We are also building which will give a lot more in depth information on UK SIC structures and similar international SIC structures.

    We hope you find this useful.
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