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George Tse
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Hello All

Hope you are all well and happy new year ^^

After passing my NVQ 4 in 2009 I have not been working in accounts at all and have decided to give it a go and look for jobs in london this year.

So I have a few questions which you guys migght be able to help me out on :

First question is about my CV, I have my AAT qualification on there but I have listed all the unite I have studied I gather that this is not ideal and wonder what is best to put on there. I also have a key skills section on my cv shall I list the skill that I have gain in accounting e.g. Tax return forms etc ?

Second question is can you guys suggest any good recruitment websites for london area for accounting jobs, as I dont have any work experience in accounts I may have to look for temp jobs to begin with ?

Last question is I got my qualification in 2009 and it just seems abit out of date right now I amwondering if I can do CPD with out being a full member etc and would it be wise for me to do 2-3 of the ACCA exams before I look for a job or will I be too over qualified ?

Hope this all makes sense



  • deanshepherd
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    I suggest you go see a recruitment agent in London and have a chat with them. They will be best placed to give you advice.
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