Cash book recommendation?

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I've picked up a new client, a sole trader who is opening a very small tatoo studio. Only expects to have 4 or 5 customers per day. My task will be to complete her Tax Return every year, from info she provides.

I've recommended that she just uses a cash book as she doesn't like computers, won't be operating a till and will be dealing solely in cash.

Trouble is the couple I've seen in WH Smiths etc look overly complicated, so my question is whether anyone has any good experiences of cash books both from a client, and accountant point of view and can recommend one?




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    She sounds like fun!

    I just give people a simple spreadsheet template and print a few, then the client can copy and complete as needed. Shouldn't take you very long to whip one up that suits her needs, and your preferences. Also, explain about analysis columns, that the columns should be added up at the end of each page and carried forward, and the total reconciled to her cash in hand regularly. I've seen people use this very well, and others make a complete mess of it.
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    Anything other than Simplex D.
  • KenS
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    Anything other than Simplex D.

    Yes, i couldn't agree more.

    Actually Dcollins has made me think so I've knocked up an excel sheet with each day down one side, column for daily sales total, then a few columns of fairly normal expense headings.

    Saved to pdf, then emailed to her to print one for each month, attach her receipts to and et voila job done!

    Not bothered with analysis columns or carrying forward as messr collins says that can cause more issues than it's worth - she can pay me for that at year end when I move it to VT+.


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    I have a market stall trader who simply writes down the cash taken each day and I work from that! Receipts are ok as they are from main suppliers.
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