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Joe Barraclough
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hello everyone

I started the AAT in Late September and have already passed all my level 2 and taken 6/8 level 3 exams without a fail so fingers crossed my spsw exam this wednesday doesnt go wrong.

i was just wondering if anyone on here has failed the spsw and if they have any tips on where they went wrong or where the aat marked it to be wrong?

how strict is the marking on this one does it have to look exactly the same as their answer spreadsheet or does it just have the same flow and functions to it?

any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated


  • SandyHood
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    This is marked by a human being

    AAT recognise that there can be more than one way to derive the information from the data provided
    Such variety means that there can be different correct approaches

    I mark spreadsheet exams for Chichester College, and in many ways I rate this as a valuable benchmark of performance and something you can cite when applying for jobs now.

    You learn a lot on AAT but spreadsheet exam success has an almost instant usefulness. Topics such as NPV or IRR are rarely needed by level 3 students when applying for jobs but H and V look up and pivot tables are useful.
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  • Joe Barraclough
    Joe Barraclough Feels At Home Registered Posts: 69
    Hi, thanks for the quick reply, yeah that's what I was thinking, just wondering if there is a particular thing that people who fail it have in common
  • SandyHood
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    Make sure you read the question, and then answer it. I know that sounds trite, but please do it
    I have seen answers for a hairdressing salon where the staff are being paid tens of thousands of pounds per month because the candidates didn't stop and think. Others where averages are asked for, just stop and think - is this an average of the staff who worked this week? or an average per week for the particular member of staff over a number of weeks?
    Look in the context of the business to see what might be useful and what might be sums for sums sake.
    Also, take advantage of the human marked bit - if you genuinely think a question is not clear write a note to say so, and to say your interpretation.

    Good luck, and look at this exam as spreadsheets to assist the management of a business - not a load of sums!
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