2:1 uni grad looking for Accounting experience (paid/unpaid)

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hi, so i have a 2:1 in I.t and business studies, as well AAT level 2. I am looking for any work experience within accounting, whether paid or unpaid. I have a large amount of funds to travel and live anywhere that is required to be local to the job so as long as its in the U.K im willing.

Ive found it impossible for 6 months now to gain any experience in accounting... i thought id be fine for trainee accoutning but even they require experience :S. is anyone lookign for an eager, hard-working I.t competent, mathmatical minded candidate to volunteer within their accoutning department. Or any paid jobs. Thankyou.


  • uknitty
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    If you have a 2:1 and want to pursue a career in accounts why don't you apply for jobs via a graduate trainee scheme route ?

    You mention in another post that you have worked as a finance manager, so can't put put this as relevant experience towards such applications ?
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    How many applications/CVs ave you sent? If you're UK mobile this should be hundreds.

    I've managedl to get a grad training contract since finishing uni with a 2:2, and having a very small area I could travel to.

    Make sure your CV is good and send it to every accountancy firm you can find. In the covering letter mention that you would love experience with the firm. Make sure the letter also asks that they keep your CV on file for future vacancies.

    Good luck!
  • ordinarytom
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    ive applied for over 100 in places such as london, manchester, leeds , all trainee and assistant accounts. i know its experience as financial manager but its only in a business venture made for university with only two real business client jobs.

    I have no experience other than 2 weeks work experience as admin assistant 2 months ago. I think thats the real reason im not getting anywhere because i dont really have any references other than my uni and a written reference from that 2 weeks experience. I will admit i havnt applied for graduate accounts jobs because i felt the competition would be too fierce for somone with no experience .. relevant or non - relevant.

    And because its 6 months without a job... im even more liekly to get turned down. i know i havnt put in major effort but surely the ones i did apply for should atleast give me a chance. I'm realising that its my lack of confidence and fear of failure thats stopping me applying for these jobs... I need help somehow.
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    Apply for graduate positions - a smaller amount of people will be applying for them, alongside the advantage of them not really expecting experience. Right now there will be loads of already trained people going for the 'accounts assistant' type jobs, and I can see why an employer would take the safe option.

    I applied for hundreds of non-graduate jobs and have heard nothing from any, but heard back from a fair few graduate employers, even with a 2:2 in an irrelevant degree. They want to train you up themselves, and doing AAT without a job shows you are willing to work.

    Have a bit more confidence, and just keep trying :) Good luck :)
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    apply to smaller firms? i work for a fairly small firm of accountants i mean there literally 15 people which includes 3 directors, 3 reception/payroll, 3 tax and 6 audit/accounts, and the smaller firm i feel is more personal, also just write off to companies explaining about yourself etc and ask if thy have jobs and to keep you on file and that should help :)
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