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Joe Barraclough
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I am studying level 4 soon without a distance learner provider and was just wondering if someone out there had experience with both bpp books and kaplan books and was just wondering which is best, i have previously used kaplan and havnt been overly impressed with them so i was wondering what bpp books are like,

any help will be greatly appreciated


  • MarkT
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    I'm not a distance learner, but we use the Osbourne books for level 3 and these have been very easy to use, contain case studies with fully explained answers and there are questions at the end of each chapter to show how you are going with the subject. On top of this, you can also use their (Osbourne) online tests.
  • clegganator
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    I've studied at college and used Osborne Books all the way. On a rare occasion when we did use a Kaplan book the whole class found it very difficult to get to grips with. As MarkT and a previous thread of mine says, there are free Osborne online tests. No expereience with BPP.
  • Joe Barraclough
    Joe Barraclough Registered Posts: 69 ? ? ?
    hi thanks for your replies, i always get three books, i always get the osbourne workbooks, but i find the osbourne tutorial not great, so i am thinking of getting kaplan revision kits and the study text from bpp
  • Joe Barraclough
    Joe Barraclough Registered Posts: 69 ? ? ?
    still not sure, i want one make in the tutorials then two/3 seperate workbooks/revision kits, so what do peoiple think is the best tutorial
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