Booking CBTs when distance learning with Kaplan

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I've purchased the distance learning package from Kaplan for SPSW, and am looking to book the exam ASAP. (I don't actually have the paper materials yet, so have no real point on contact in Kaplan to ask - and am only in a rush as I've pretty much committed to having completed level 4 relatively soon, so getting this module completed and marked is the main time constraint on that at the moment)

When reading some included paperwork it's abit unclear what to do with the booking of exams.

Surely someone has booked an exam through Kaplan distance learning before and can clear this up.

I've rang my local Kaplan centre and have a date and time organised, so do I need to send payment to them, or just send a form to the office. It's also slightly unclear about what I need to pay - some info says 'first time fee included', but is this just the exam centre fee or does it also include the exam fee?




  • Joe Barraclough
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    it really depends on where you are, when i first started there was a little piece of paper included in my package that had a list of all of the kaplan centres, contact the one nearest you and ask about exam dates, if you dont get the right person they will give you the correct email, but to start with you have to contact the nearest centre to you (where you wish to sit the exams)

    hope this helps

    (if you dont have the piece of paper i might have it somewhere )
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    The best thing to do is ring your local Kaplan AAT customer service - they are very helpful and will talk through everything that you need to do.

    Also payment depends on if you want you/your company to be invoiced or if you've chosen a different payment method upon enrolling for the module.

    Hope you get it sorted! x
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