Upcoming finacial performance exam!

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I have my financial performance exam coming up soon, and was just wondering how everyone else has found it? The feedback that I've heard so far has been pretty good, so I am hopeful. I've concentrated lots on dixed overhead variances, mat/lab variances and target costing. Going to brush up on some ratios now... very nervous!

EDIT: Oops spelling error in title, sorry!


  • stephleedz
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    I sat my financial performance exam 10th Jan and found out Monday night I had passed. Everything you have done and will be doing is great...know your formulas inside out because you will get at least 1 question on each individual variance. Definitely have a go at the AAT mocks as they are very similar to what you will get. 1 written question in asking you to explain Adverse/Favourable variances for materials, labour and fixed overheads (capacity, volume was definitely in mine).

    Good luck
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