Indirect Tax book?

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Hi, I'm aware that for the Indirect Tax module I need two books- I'm looking for the Osborne ones on Amazon and I can find the VAT tutorial but no "Indirect Tax" tutorial? Am I looking for the wrong title? Also are there any Osborne workbooks for this module or only tutorials?

Thank you :)


  • MWAUGH1983
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    hey rhian,

    the only book for this unit that osborne do is the VAT one and there is no workbook - just the tutorial though no doubt there will be other ones available from other publishers. Though there is the HMRC site that has good info apparently and personally its seems a small unit so I doubt you will need other texts.

    who do you study with; I am with eagle and am doing tax and cash mgt.

  • KaySarah
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    Hi Rhian, Hi Martin

    BPP do one - Indrect Tax - Text and Question Bank.

    You might try Ebay?

    Good Luck with the studies.
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