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How many of you have taken advantage of the ability to work self employed with earnings less than £1k gross before registering as a MIP?

I am currently getting some much needed experience of working in practice, have started studying my ATT (I have personal and business tax with aat already) and have had a friend of a friend ask me to act as their accountant - very small LTD company, just starting out.

It would be the bookkeeping through to final accounts and corporate tax calculations. The MIP I am working for at the moment (he gave me the work so that I can get the experience to get my own licence) will, I am sure, help me if I hit any difficulties and act as mentor.

I have noticed several people have had clients whilst going through the process of obtaining their certificate and it seems a shame to turn the wrk away, when within the next year or so I hope to have my licence too :-)


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    Ellabobbin Registered Posts: 92 Epic contributor 🐘
    Now I'm really confused...

    I know that a while back I was reading the MIP guidance and it said that as long as your gross earnings are less than £1000, you did not have to have a MIP licence (but did need PII).

    But now I can't find that this is the case. however I have seen plenty of threads where people are in the process of applying for their licence and already have clients...

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