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Hi guys,

Just a quick question, I've finally got my first draft of my report back with some feedback but after adding everything I need to, I'm way over 4000 words. Can someone just tell me if we are allowed to go over on the word count and if yes, then by how much?



  • coojee
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    Simple answer is no you can't, well not by much anyway, no more than 500 words over. Don't forget that the words in the appendix don't count so try and get the detail into there and out of the main report and then just refer to the appendix in the report. For example, you'll want to describe the current system and/or the new system somewhere so that could go in the appendix. Also remember that you're writing the report for management who should know a fair but about the business already so you don't need to go into too much detail about how things work, who the customers are etc so you can cut down your word count in that way.
  • stephleedz
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    My close friend and colleague handed in her 1st draft with just short of 4900 words and upon feedback was not asked to reduce the word count. I myself did approx 3700 and the word count was also not mentioned.
  • Claire321
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    My first draft was around 6500 words, after getting each section checked and being advised to explain & include numberous things. Then I was advised as I thought it was far too much and had to cut it down to 5500 as I was told this was the absolute maximum, as long as everything is revelant, not duplicated and there's no waffle.
  • adiba
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    Thanks guys!

    I'm down to 4700 words now and hoping that I can get away with it. Just getting ready to submit the second draft and hopefully it comes back competent so that I can finally have this unit out of the way.
  • rebecca2
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    My final report was 4500 odd words and it was signed off as competent last week. Good Luck!
  • elizson
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    My first draft was 4400 words and was marked as competant a couple of weeks ago
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