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Hi folks.

I've got a question which is indicative of my ignorance and ill preparation here - but that never stopped me in class so here goes..

Anyone out there able to tell me where I can see an example distribution of words per section for the ICAS project? Are there any examples of completed projects you can view anywhere online?

I feel I'm concentrating too hard on the review of process(es) and I'm eating up space for the other areas of the project (my project is work based). I'm no good at this part at all - the exams were a breeze but I'm over thinking everything.

Just to confirm it is 4000 words right? :blushing:


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    My ICAS is currently in for its second draft - Hopefully should come back as competent soon.

    I must be honest and say that this has been my least favorite unit to date, and I will be glad when it is over :)

    I have a tendancy to "go on a bit" (why use one word when you can use ten ?) I started writing out all the processes and policies in narrative form just to get my head around what was actually happening, but for the final report I did a flowchart and put it in the appendix . For the "describe the system" part I only wrote a paragraph or two about the system. I think initially I fell in to the trap of trying to comment on what was good and bad about the system in the "describe the system" section.

    If you are trying to cut down your word count be very strict about only describing the current process exactly as it happens. Save any notes you have about weaknesses for the "analyse the current system" and any thoughts about improvements for the "recomendations" section.

    ETA the BPP ICAS workbook has an example case study and sample report that very closely followed the live assessment I was given. I found it really helpful in understanding how to structure the report.
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