Good news and bad, need some help

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Hi all

Just got the results of CYE exam which was a pass, that's the good news :-)

The bad news is I failed one of the simulations
... Mainly down to the time constraint and lack of study that goes with that.... That's the bad news....

The quandry is..... I wanna finish this qualification once and for all but it's been withdrawn.. What can I do?

Vicki :-)


  • NeilH
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    Have you spoken to the AAT? Often when qualifications are finished being offered the certification can carry on for a while after. As an example, when the AAT changed the NVQ standards a few years back the "old" NVQ couldn't be started by anyone but those already on it could continue to get certified for a certain period.

  • payrollpro
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    You really have to talk to AAT because there has to be a follow up process to help you finish, otherwise all you can do is start again with IOB or CIPP and I can't believe that can be right.

  • gingervicki
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    i have spoken with AAT which didnt do much good at first as they said it was up to the training centre but after much moaning, ther training provider has said i can finish this with an NVQ route....i have to provide evidence and they will mark it off and i can finish..

    i have collated most of my evidence but am not sure now how to put it all together......i have conteacted them about deadlines and the AAT havent set any as yet and typical - my membership has come up for renewal, so im going to have to renew as i dont think ill get it all signed off before its due....

    any suggestions on if i have to write lots to explaim myself or will the evidence be self explanatory on its own?


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