Hi everyone,

Any thoughts which exam is the easiest and quickest please: CMGT, CRS or PEAF?

Thank you!


  • Louise89
    Louise89 MAAT Posts: 296
    In my experience they are all relatively easy if you understand the concepts, although I've only sat CRS & PEAF and will be sitting CMGT next week..

    but I'd say in order of quickest to learn;
    PEAF (wordy exam)
    CMGT (wordy/numerical)
    then CRS since it is has a bigger syllabus. (numerical)

    Hope this helps & good luck. X
  • sscors
    sscors Registered Posts: 72 ? ? ?

    not taken CRS yet but out of the other two definitely PEAF is a lot quicker to learn
  • Joe Barraclough
    Joe Barraclough Registered Posts: 69 ? ? ?
    They are all pretty simple but the CRS is probably the hardest
  • SarahJS
    SarahJS Registered Posts: 273 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
    The quickest would definately be PEAF, mostly common sense and then a small amount of remembering. Then cash management, but more to learn for that one.
  • Mollypod88
    Mollypod88 Registered Posts: 155 ? ? ?
    Thanks everyone! I've sitting BA2 on 6th March and PEAF on 5th April
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