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Hi All

Been a full member now since August 2010 but feel I haven't really done anything with the qualification.

I am still in the same job I started over 4 years ago and not really gaining any accounting experience anymore as I'm being forced to concentrate on the Consultancy side of the business.

I now find myself at a Career Crossroad where I need to decide do I continue in the job I've known for the past 4 years or do I pursue my ambition to become a Chartered Accountant and look elsewhere? the only difficulty with this being I haven't the practical experience required by most industries or practices.

I've become slightly detached from the Accounting Community since passing the qualification and so would appreciate any advice/past experiences and even virtual kicks up the A$*! to get me motivated into doing what I believe in.

Thanks in advance...


  • MarkT
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    Hi there.

    I'm going out on a limb here and guessing the 89' in your user name is an indication of year of birth. With this in mind, I've got some 17 years on you and would have loved to be in your position with the knowledge I have now.

    History has a real problem in repeating itself and those of us who stay in our comfort zone find out later on when we have an 'Oh ****' moment and wish we'd gained qualifications earlier on.

    As for skills, they come in time - another assumption, you were not the best driver in the world when you first pass your driving test, the confidence comes through years of doing.

    Go and get yourself on CIMA or ACCA - because just say that in a few years the company you are working with closes or you find that you don't enjoy it as much as you did - you'll want something that cannot be taken away from you :thumbup:
  • blakeyboy89
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    Hi Mark

    Your limb was right :)

    I have taken your advice on board and am currently looking all over.

    Many thanks for the reality check!

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