Advice needed in the King's Norton area of Birmingham

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My son has been working as a network/IT consultant and is registered as a sole trader. The agency that he works through have told him that they won't give him work unless he is a limited company. Although I am a FMAAT I have been working in local government for the last few years and while I can cope with self assessment feel that he needs to find an accountant to set up a limited company for him and do his accounts/payroll. Is there anyone out there in the King's Norton area who would like to help him? Or any suggestion how he can find a reliable, efficient practioner with experiance of this sort of thing (I think IR35 may come into it too).:001_smile: Would be grateful for any advice


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    Does he need someone local? Many accountants now operate nationally, as pretty much all work can be done over the internet, or by phone/post if needed.

    If he wants someone local, then he needs to get recommendations from others in his industry of a good accountant.

    If he doesn't mind someone who is not local, then there is an even wider choice (or indeed plenty of us MIPs on the forum ;) )
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