AAT Level 2 Certificate vs. AAT Level 2 ABC (Bookkeeping Certificate)

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I was looking for online/home study courses for AAT Level 2 Certificate and came across the Level 2 Award in Bookkeeping Certificate (ABC) course which is a shorter alternative for completing AAT Level 2.

It involves a single 2-hour computer based exam and allows progression onto Level 3.

I intend to progress into the AAT-ACA fast-track route into chartered accountancy after completing the full AAT course.

I was wondering whether it would be a good idea to study for the short course Level 2 for ABC instead of the Level 2 certificate? Has anyone completed the ABC course, any advice or recommendations?

Thank you! :001_smile:


  • MarkT
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    I asked a similar question to this last week. It seems that the chartered accountancy bodies are only interested in levels 3 & 4. I've not sat level 2 and am on level 3 and will take this and level 4 and as long as I pass, I will be able to gain exemption from the CBA (Certificate of Business Accounting) CIMA
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    Hey :)

    Good question - my problem was i already had experience so didnt really want to start from the lvl 2 so i called around and Premier Training offered me a fast track course, which really is just a condensed lvl 2 but more in depth bookkeeping. you get manual and computeried bookkeeping and i found that looking on job wesites Sage is asked for quite alot too so this was a perfect course.

    I completed the fast track within 10 weeks, there is ony the sage exam and bookkeeping and i did these within a week of eachother because PT include the sage exam in the course fee. You should give them a call, this is a great alternative i found :)
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    I did the BPP ABC level 2 not thinking I wanted to go onto level 3.....it was quick and took me 2 goes to pass but now I am on level 3 I am struggling in areas that would have been covered by the full level 2.

    I suppose it depends on how quick you learn new things and how much basic knowledge you may want to know.

  • zaf1987
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    from personal point of view i think ba1 and ba2 are the most important in level two, im doing basics costing ba1 and ba2, and then onto level 3. Obviously sage is a must so will learn that my level 3 progresses.
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