Personal Tax 2011/12

Hi Guys
Does anyone know - is there just 1 written question in the exam or more? and if I failed said written question - would I fail the full paper?
Also, is it just me or is the new FA 2011 CBE on the Website way harder than the ones in the Osborne Workbook, need to start studying harder me thinks. :/


  • clegganator
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    I think there were two written questions on my 2010/11 paper. Most of the marks probably come from the written question and make up most of the section it is in. Each individual section needs to be passed so it's difficult to say.

    The AAT questions are always more difficult then the Osborne books, they tend to make it a bit easier...
  • SarahJS
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    Both of our posts seem to make it sound like the Osborne questions ar easier than AAT exams, have you found tha for all exams or just this one?

    I'm working out which level 4 textbooks to buy, and have liked Osborne books so far.

  • anniebabe
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    This is really the first time I have used Osborne cover to cover - I am definately going to look at a Kaplan book for this unit - I feel like I have been mislead with the Osborne Book - I did really well with the first CBE in that text book and then nearlly died of shock when I looked at the CBE online at AAT - thought it was going too well.
    Also not very impressed with my tutor at the moment - who assured us that we would not be assessed on holiday lets - and he said he would not be going through it - and it is in the online CBE task 2.4 !!! not impressed at all. Thank god i looked online last night and didnt leave it till last minute - exam is in 4 weeks - so time to go through everything again.
    Havent got a clue how they have worked out Task 1.10 part b for the dividend.

    In January Diane receives a dividend cheque for £540 all of which fell in the higher rate band
    what is the gross amount of the dividend - £600 - i understand this.
    what is the amount of tax that Diane will pay on this dividend - they have £195 ? I thought the difference between what she receives and the gross amount was the tax amount? £600 - £540 =£60?
    Any ideas what I am missing here?
  • Diddy Mau
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    Hi Anniebabe,
    On the Dividend. task 1.10 part b, the higher rate tax band is 32.5%, so £600x32.5%=£195
    you have to gross up the dividend, which you done. but the tax is charged at the full amount.

    Regarding your tutor, I would put in a complaint. there is no way they can tell what is and isnt on the test, also in my eyes, you should cover everything in the subject.
    I dont use the books, as my college is good at providing a lot of paperwork, I use the small pocket books for reference.

    Good luck in the exam, I'm just waiting for my results.
    I am sure I had a small question on holiday properties, so best cover everything
  • anniebabe
    anniebabe Registered Posts: 595
    Hello Diddy Mau

    Many thanks for your reply, yes I can see where I had gone wrong with that Dividend, think I need to have a break for today - have done way to much reading and nothing is sinking in.
    I agree with what you are saying about the tutor, not very impressed.
    Hope you pass your exam.
  • Diddy Mau
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    Yeah take a break. go back to it tomorrow and re-try the exam and then check the answers. I find it helpfull to try and find out where the answer comes from.

    Just tell your tutor, you will get tested. Obviously I dont want to say what the question was, but for me this exam can test you on anything.
    A good general knowledge works.
    Well I say this, and I dont know if I have done enough.

    Busy re-studying for Financial Statement. grrrr I feel the same as you
  • anniebabe
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    I havent done FNST yet, only budgeting and FNPF done so far, I am dreading FNST :/ never mind need to get this out of the way, and then its the project and BTX :( think I will be leaving FNST till July - supposed to be sitting it in June - but I dont think it is a realistic target for me at the moment.
  • Diddy Mau
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    I have just started Btax & Project. looks like I will be doing Budgeting in March. the fun of going to college is you cant really delay the exams or they will all be there waiting for you at the end.
    Ideally, get this exam done Wednesday, then concentrate on project before the big study for budgeting. Project due in April
  • clegganator
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    They are good but are best used alongside AAT practice assessments, the Osborne online tests that I've mentioned in a previous thread and the greenlight resource.

    Osborne questions may not necessarily be easier but they are certainly different to the actual exams.
  • salih
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    can someone help me with this got an exam today only question i dont understand on the pratice paper 2011/12 ptx cbt1 section 1.8 (would this be the same when you do first 10,000 is 45p and additional is 25p and see what the employe paid and decide he/she clam taxable amount) and cbt2 1.9
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