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Ive just taken on a new job and need some help/advice ...

Its an immigration business dealing with Australia and Canada, a fee is charged to the customer who
pay a deposit and then monthly installments. Out of that fee money is transferred to the agencies
abroad for their services (collected on behalf of them), over three payments/stages. For example
£2000 charged to customer, £1500 transferred to agencies, so only £500 kept by the business.
How do i enter this on sage?

09/10 accounts have already been put on to sage by another book keeper who has now left, I dont
know if they have been entered correctly or not so dont want to bring forward balances if are
Looking at the profit and loss it looks as though the business has made alot more than it actually did
which makes me doubt its been done correctly. I think the money to be transferred has been
entered as professional fees.

I dont know where to start, any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • clegganator
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    Well I'd guess transactions, not sure exactly, but would of thought it would look something like this...

    Cr 4000 Sales - £2000
    Dr 5000 Agency Fees - £1500
    Dr 1200 Bank Account - £500
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