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Just tying myself in knots.....

Deferred Income = £693.33 sitting on Rent Income Liabilities as Deposit Rental.

Sales Invoice of £225.00 on Debtors (for the Renter = Goods sold to them)

They move out so deposit it due to them.

I pay them the difference £468.33 which is the amount I owe them £693.33 less the amount they owe me £225.

So I do a Bank payment to the Rent Income Liability. £468.33 - So bank is fine..

Now I need to clear the £225. I need to Debit the Rental Income Liab and clear the debtor of the £225

If you say Debit Liab and Credit debtor that sounds fine but on Sage its not so simple..(or it might be...)
Any help appreciated.


  • Rozzi Rainbow
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    Can you post a credit note to the debtor account, ensuring the other entry is to the liability account rather than sales?

    Or find a bank account on Sage that you never use, e.g. Cash Register, and post a receipt from Customer followed by a payment to the liability account.
  • Yazi
    Yazi Registered Posts: 225 🎆 🐘 🎆
    Thanks Rozzi
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