So what happens now!

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I've just had my Final interview for ICAS. I'm not quite sure what actually happens next.

Was told that tutor would send me their write up and I was to send it back signed so she could then upload it as a Competent report.

Being that ICAS was my last unit, I'm wanting to go out and celebrate, but am not quite sure.

I know that the verifiers have to look at it etc.

Being my last unit and assuming that ICAS result is upheld- is that it?! I have a feeling that I may need to write up some work experience or something. I'm not looking (just yet) to become a member in practise so wasn't sure.

Your - Happily confused!


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    Although I haven't finished AAT (I'm going to submit my first ICAS draft next week; I've done all the exams), I think you should:

    1) Ask your training provider when they expect to update your MY-AAT as competent

    2) Then once your MY-AAT is fully updated you should contact the AAT regarding when you should get your Level 4 certificate

    3) Then contact AAT about applying for MAAT status

    4) When you get MAAT status, apply for MiP status

    Then that's it; the end!

    Can I ask how long did it take for you to go to from submitting your first ICAS draft to being competent on ICAS?

    Also, could you take a long at a thread I started early, please?
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    Only about 4 weeks! But did have constructive comments each chapter/ section so less to re-do in final report!

    To be honest pulling together all the other things was more hassle than the final amendments! I started in October so although has felt like a pregnancy not quite as long!
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    You can go onto the AAT website and pre complete all the info you need to become MAAT.

    so once your results are updated you'll receive a certificate through the post and you're done.
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