professional ethics test 2moro

kaylisha79kaylisha79 Settling In NicelyPosts: 24Registered
hi all!

im sitting 2moro for a CBA on professional ethics and was wondering if i ll get to know straight away the result. My heart is beating too fast lol


  • janwaljanwal Experienced Mentor Posts: 1,189Registered

    Good luck!

    Just take a deep breath & read the questions.

    Yes you can get result straight away.

  • clegganatorclegganator Well-Known Posts: 184Registered
    It sometimes can be up to a few hours but it's as good as straight away...
  • MarkTMarkT Trusted Regular Posts: 302Registered
    Hi and good luck!!

    Results should be straight away for this as I am led to believe
  • kaylisha79kaylisha79 Settling In Nicely Posts: 24Registered
    hi guys!

    i am so glad and relief that i passed the test.:001_smile: but i have still one more to do (spreadsheet software) in order to finally get my certificate
  • MarkTMarkT Trusted Regular Posts: 302Registered
    Well Done!!

    SPSW next? I hate to tell you this if you didn't already know - this one you don't get an answer immediately as the AAT don't mark it.... You'll have to suffer a couple of weeks for the result I'm afraid :( I start that subject in a fortnight
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