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hi there, can someone please help answer question 1.3 (b) practice assessment on trends. I have not really mastered how to workout the forecast trend/variations.

Is there a book that I can get that gives step by step calculations? I am finding BPP book difficult to follow.


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    Hi, what book or exam is this from? The trending questions are ok once you get your head around them, let me know what book or exam it's from and il work through it with you.

    I have my exam tommorow so cramming today!
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    Ah sorry lee just saw you put practice assessment so I take it it's the paper one not the cba?

    Right, first of all see what the moving average is. If its 3 point which it usually is, then that means you work in 3s to find the trend.

    In the sales volume column, you add the first 3 volumes and divide by 3 by to the trend for September. Eg 9360+5940+5220/3=6840. Now to get the next trend you move down the next lot of 3, so 5940+5220+9900/3=7020. Now do the last 3 figures to get the last trend figure for November so 5220+9900+6480/3=7200.

    Now you have that column filled in, all you do to find the Monthly variation is take the Sales volume less trend. So for September it is 5940-6840=-900. Do this for the rest of the monthly variations and you have your answers!

    For the monthly sales volume trend is just the difference between the trend figures.

    I'm really bad at explaining things so if this makes no sense then sorry :-) but feel free to pm me if you need anymore help.
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