CRS - Question about answer in practice CBT 1 (apportionment)

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Hi, the question is 1.4

I'm right until the Indirect Labour line.

I've got the basis of apportionment as Allocated (correct) and have added together the indirect staff to 14. When apportioning this ratio 5:2:7 I get different answers to the solutions and have no idea why?! I get 134750 maintenance, 53900 stores and 188650 admin.

If someone could explain why this is wrong (and how I should be doing it) I'd be really greatful :)



  • MarkT
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    Hi Sarah..

    You're going to kick yourself on this, it is another case of the AAT throwing in the curveball.

    The staff members number is irrelevant. If you look at the figures again, you will see:

    Maintenance 101150
    Stores 36050
    General Admin 240100

    These add up to the 377300 - as it is allocated you do not need to use the ratio - as ratio would equal apportionment

    Hope this makes sense :)
  • SarahJS
    SarahJS Registered Posts: 273 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
    Aaaaah, that's pretty obvious now I've looked back at it. Guess I got a bit too into it! I hate scrolling up and down to see the data.

    Thanks :)
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