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Level 4 study order

Joe BarracloughJoe Barraclough Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 69
i have just recieved most of my books for level 4 and i am just wondering what order people think i should order them in, the choices are either budgeting, external auditing and financial performance to study first?


  • nonmugglesuenonmugglesue Feels At Home Registered Posts: 39
    FP and Budgeting are very similar, only the FP for a into much more detail. Perhaps start with auditing although I never had that
  • readerreader Experienced Mentor MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,042
    If costings from Level 3 is still fresh in your mind study budgeting and financial performance back to back and try to get them both done asap together, i.e. budgeting in March and financial performance in April.

    However if costings from Level 3 is not fresh in your mind and during the next two months you won't have the time to churn out budgeting and financial performance back to back, you might aswell just concentrate on audit.

    The reason I say churn out budgeting and financial performance back to back is because they are both incredibly similar (although do budgeting first).
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