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Im currently 4 months away from being AAT qualified and have worked in industry doing accounts for around 5 years.
I think i am quite capable of doing all accounts up to month end, trial balance etc
A friend of mine who has a Limited company employing 6 people has asked me to do his accounts, but ive told him as im not a chartered accountant im not allowed.
Is this correct? I recently read that there is a threshold and anyone can file accounts

Would my experience that i have mentioned above mean that i was capable of preparing and filing accounts?

I obviously wouldnt want to take on work i was not qualified to do

Thanks in advance for any advice received

Nic xx
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    if you are interested in companies accounts, check this.
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    As far as I am aware there is no legal requirement for you to be chartered to complete and submit limited company accounts. There is nothing that says they have to be so I would say if you feel confident that you can do them then there shouldn't be an issue. I completed my own limited company accounts and i'm not chartered.
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