Patents, copyright and help designing invention

I just wondered if anyone here has experience/knowledge in this field.

It's for me; I have a design for a product which is totally unique.

I can draw a rubbish picture of it, I can explain how it will work, what it does and how you would use it, but, that is where my knowledge and expertise ends.

I would like to find a means of having it properly patented/copyrighted (or whatever), drawn, fabricated, tested and improved upon.

There are a few companies on the www, but obviously these are all a bit suck it and see, so if anyone can make a recommendation it would be quite helpful.

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  • deanshepherd
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    Lots of useful advice on or you could try contacting The Design Trust. They are there to offer support to designers.
  • Dcollins
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    Sounds very mysteriously interesting. I'm used to doing R&D tax relief claims for inventor clients, but I don't get involved in their technological doings. There is support available through the Smart scheme, and ERDF (possibly), and the Technology Strategy Board has info that might be useful;

    I love working with inventors, they have bags of enthusiasm.
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