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I'm looking at getting this module distance learning with Kaplan (price is my most important factor here!).

Has anyone got any other suggestions on places to use/strong reasons not to use Kaplan? I'm definitely only looking for the one module, as I want to do the others completely self study.

I'm also putting in my order for my level 4 textbooks soon (Osborne books) and was wondering if I should buy the ICAS book as well. From what I've read of Kaplan books, I really dislike the style, but was thinking maybe their markers would expect (and want!) projects to be written just like their books suggest!

Thanks for any input here :)


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    I done my project with Kaplan (work based project not case study).

    They are very good by e-mail.

    I didn't use their book alot- I think Kaplan has a bit of a habit of going overboard regarding their huge textbooks.

    Although I did use it for the fraud part and a few other things and it is very thorough.
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    Avoid them like the plague in my opinion. They rejected my first draft without even reading it, wasting a month. I submitted it a second time without changing it and after another five weeks' chasing they marked and passed it. I complained loudly so maybe you'll get a better service, but in my experience Kaplan are set in their ways and systems.
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    Hi. I absolutely agree with you. I studied level 2 with them (distance learning) and I'm doing the same with the final level. Their books are very good but they contain a lot of useless information. Also most of the activities in the "test your knowledge section" are sooo much more difficult that what you get in the actual exam.
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    Kaplan Distance Learning - I am studying level 4 with Kaplan and previously levels 2 and 3. Have found the books ok although have seen lots of negative comments on here about the content of the books. I have found with every exam there's something that is not covered in the distance learning book and come on here to find the answers.
    I have also just found out after submitting my first progress test that the books I have for Business Tax are out of date. I prefer to study from the book rather than reading off the laptop so tend to only use there Engage program for doing practise tests, little did I know the content online is different and my book I've spent the last couple of weeks studying from was no longer used. Grrrrrr. The support is not too great on keeping you up to date with changes. Unless you have time to sit on there website engage and read all the news threads.
    As they won't give me the up to date books for the two tax exams that are being used now I have to either pay a ridiculous amount of money for them or attempt to study from a laptop.
    I think I will not use Kaplan again if I go on to study my ACCA.
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