Having a very blonde moment!!! - Re Disposal of fixed assets

KaelaH Registered Posts: 131 Dedicated contributor 🦉
Its late and my brain has stopped working!
I cannot seem to figure out what to do with a partially depreciated item of equipment that has been dropped and broken and disposed of. What account in p&l would i write the cost to?
Also, another item, covered by insurance after theft, I just wanted to check this is dealt with through profit/loss on disposal as if it were sold. Is this where i'd put the printer above?
I do apologise but it seems the more i think about this the more i confuse myself lol :huh:


  • Bluewednesday
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    NBV of the printer would appear in the profit or loss on disposal.

    yes re your second query

    Don't you just hate blonde moments?
  • KaelaH
    KaelaH Registered Posts: 131 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Thanks Bluewednesday

    Yes, I absolutely hate blonde moments! My brain just totally refused to function lol

    Packed away and came back to it the next morning and it all made sense. :001_smile:
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