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I wonder if anyone can give me an insight into distant learning. I'm currently studying level 3 at college and finding it slow going. I'm not happy with one of the tutors either as she does not seem to know what she is doing so am getting used to self teaching. Luckily i do have an accounts background so finding level 3 not too difficult as I can relate the work to what I have done in my job. Is level 4 a big jump from level 3 and what are the pros and cons of distant learning? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.


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    Pros would definately be doing everything at your own pace, I've just learnt and taken the exams for the entirity of level 3 within a month, because I'm only working part time and chose to devote all my spare time to studying. If you have the motivation you can work much quicker and avoid the bureacracy of colleges.

    I'm not sure about th jump between the levels, as I haven't started lvel 4 yet, but enough people seem to self study it that it seems doable :)

    Good luck with whatever decision you make :)
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    A lot of people say there is a massive jump between levels 3 and 4.

    Personally, I would disagree.

    If you are prepared to put in the hours level 4 should be plain sailing.

    Probably the hardest thing about level 4 distance learning is all the procrastinating and avoiding doing the work.

    If you can get over the procrastination barrier level 4 self study is very doable.

    Although I think you have to register with a training provider for the case study.
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    I agree with Reader - I don't personally think Level 4 is that much more intense than Level 3, although I'm not saying it's easy one bit. I work in accounts currently which I think has helped me to understand the processes and calculations more.

    I studied Level 3 at college, however as the class was slow moving, I found myself not attending the classes and teaching myself at home. I study Level 4 through Distance Learning with Premier Training. I have rarely used my tutor to be honest regarding any difficulties I have come across, trying to work things out and understanding myself first. I am very near to completing Level 4 now, although if I hadn't taken a 5 month break last summer (oops!) I would have already been finished.

    Reader is also correct regarding the ICAS project - you need to be with a training provider for this unit, although this can be booked as a one off if you decided to go Level 4 alone without one.
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