Filing CT600 when not an agent??

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Can someone put me out of my misery and tell me the answer to this question please! Searched and read lots, no definitive answer.!!

Can someone file a CT60 if they are not registered as the corporation tax agent?

I have already some several CT600s, tax computations and filled the accounts using VT and TaxCal which was okay (learning curve but got there) now I've got an issue with the current client I'm working on. I work with a bookkeeper who has done the accounts for company X and I turn them into what needs to be submitted. We are two separate businesses.

The issue is that they have registered as the corporation tax agent and I'm not. So I'm not certain if I can file their CT600 using TaxCalc? Or will I need to get the bookkeeper to file the CT600 and send them the stuff to go with it?

I'm just trying to get this clear in my own head, the more I try to the worse I seem to get muddled! Not having the greatest day - just in case you didn't guess! It just confuses me further when I see firms offering a "file only" service for corporation tax.

Thank you :001_smile:


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    File it, no authorisation necessary.

    I would, however, suggest you get your client to sign a 64-8 but just tick the corporation tax box. Why would a bookkeeper need this authority?
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