Capital Expenditure

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Hi I am working for a company that has recently refurbished one of it's restaurants and I am struggling to find clarity on the treatment for capital expenditure items re improvements to prop v general repairs and renewals v items allowable as plant & equipment.

They have taken the existing structure and not made any structural alterations to the restaurant save moving the bar area however the toilet block which is now part of the restaurant was initially an external windproof seating area which has now been incorporated into the building.

After reading (and rereading legislation) my thoughts are as follows:

a. building work on the toilet block including installation of a new roof system classified as inprovements to prop (no cap ex)
b. maintenance/refurb work in main restaurant building - general repairs and renewals
c. painting and decorating of new toilet classified as improvements to prop (no cap ex)
d. electrical work inc emergency lighting and fire alarm work - integral fixtures and fittings
e. all equipment including toilets etc plant & equipment

Any help or assistance gratefully received!


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