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guinea pig
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Hi all,
On our course we have just received feedback forms for exams we took in November & December, detailing which areas we "Exceeded, Met, were Borderline, or Did not meet" the minimum requirements for the assessment. This is really helpful to see where weaknesses are.


  • Hopeipassx
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    Thats brilliant, do u study at a local college? I do, could I get the forms?
  • guinea pig
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    I study at a local college, and our tutor handed the feedback forms out to us, but I would think that this information should be available for everyone doing exams - check with the AAT
  • Jo Clark
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    I attended a meeting with a representative from AAT who was visiting my training provider to gather various information about the course, AAT, etc. He advised that we should be able to ask the training provider to print this report off for us once we receive the exam results at level 4 or immediately for levels 2 and 3.
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  • JaffasGirl
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    I got mine immediately after finishing basic costing, I'm not so sure I liked getting it immediately. I had just found I passed, only to see each bit I got wrong/didn't do so well at. Perhaps it's just me but it kind of took the edge off my passing. I think it's great for those that fail though, at least there is some level of feedback, as to where you are going wrong.
  • Louise89
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    Its a shame you don't get them for level 4 :(
  • BeccaLouJ9
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    You do get them for level 4, I got mine through my training provider after I'd received my result.

    B x
  • Ilyzbiz
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    Ive got them for Level 4:

    For Personal Tax they werent as useful as it was difficult to understand the actual questions that you had Exceeded, Met and Not Met. It seemed like the report listed every "mark" you could have gained. Anyone else found this? If I had a copy of the exam I took it would be easier to read.

    For Financial Statements which I got the result for last week (thankfully i passed...pheww!) - the feedback was easier to understand as it showed the question number and the topic.

    However - my tutor did mention that a feedback report she had seen for another student on a different exam, showed a scripted feedback with good explanations etc. So it looks as though the report varies depending on the exam...?!?

    Its still useful though and an improvement from having nothing :). We get them on the day the result is out on the AAT website from our tutor.

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