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Hello all i have sat my FNST exam 4 times now and on the last attempt i really thought i had passed answered every questions even the written ones were a breeze now im totally lost as got result this morning i failed.

I was thinking of appealing but not sure it will be worth it i know im going to have to resit but not sure wwhere im going wrong.

any suggestions?

anything will be appreciated at this point its my last one then i will have that certificate in my hand passed all the other first time expect financial performance that was second attempt.:001_unsure:


  • crispy
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    Are you failing on a particular section ? From memory section 1 was preperation of single/consolidated accounts and cashflow statements, and section 2 was ratios and interpretation. Were your accounts and cash flow statement balancing all ok ?

    I think that the more tricky parts were remembering and applying the accounting standards (Section 1?), and sufficiently interpretating accounts on Section 2.
  • welshwizard
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    4 times? Are you sure that you've understood everything that you've been taught?

    My students get 2-3 bites of the assessment apples and then, I'm afraid, I counsel them to return next year to have the unit retaught. I have had particularly good results with those L3 learners who have had to go down this route. It does you no favours to go back to assessments time and time again - indeed, it can be really damaging because you can end up feeling that the learning area is an insurmountable obstacle. Surely taking a bit of extra time to pass the unit is worth the hassle in the long run?

    Maybe it's time to look long and hard at your learning to date and for goodness sake, be honest with yourself! Financial Statements has changed dramatically in the last 18 months and looking at the AAT's own success statistics, this is now the hardest assessment to pass.

    Good luck!
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