ATT website - disappointing compared to AAT

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I think it says it all in the title really.

I have been registered as a Student with ATT for over a year now and am struggling to get motivated to do anything about it. The forum seems, well, lifeless and disjointed - unlike this one.

Already passed business tax on AAT, so applied for my exemption, but the website doesn't give you any of your membership details, date of registration/expiry of membership or anything like all the detailed information on the AAT website.

Does anyone else find this, or is it just me????? I know it sounds daft, but it's like there aren't any 'people' there, it's just become a static 'we've got to have a website' website.

I'm struggling to feel part of an ATT community!!!
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  • Monsoon
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    I know what you mean. I think the further Studies forum on here is about the best you will get. The AAT has a lovely, social feel to it (in general, not just the forum). It's a very proactive organisation and very out-there. The ATT is a bit more static - which is fine - its happy being where it is.

    What motivates me with the ATT is the knowledge I am gaining, and my passion for my work, and knowing that the qualification is enhancing what I do.

    There are enough of us on here doing ATT so I would treat the Further Studies forum as your ATT forum and we will join in.

    There is an ATT student group on LinkedIn which seems to be busier than the ATT forum itself, so that might be worth a try.
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