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Hi Im from newcastle and im currently studying at level 2 AAT, and have no experience in accounting. I have applied to some entry jobs i.e accounts assistant, or purchase ledger clerk or sales ledger, and get the same reply, that they have decided other people have more experience. Fair enough i understand, i dont have experience and havent even completed level 2.

after many failed applications i decided volunatary work experience might be the key, treid local credit union and oxfam, but due to my job can only do weekends work experience or maybe an hour or two in the morning. so that was a no go, same with local firms.

Im thinking maybe try to find local bookeeper or someone self employed working by themselves, as they are more likely to work weekends. Im looking for anything, help out in any accounts/finance department. dont need paying just a reference.

best way to find local bookeepers/self employed?
Id appreciate any advice?
anyone in same situation?
anyone who was in this situation and how you managed to get out?

Thanks Zaf
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