Suggestions wanted for studies after MAAT to keep skills sharp

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I am hoping to be MAAT in a couple of weeks, if I have passed Personal Tax, if not then a couple of months.

I am looking for some ideas for further studies to keep my skills up to date. I had thought of going onto CIMA but it is a fair bit of money between course fees and then annual membership and I was only interested in going as far as diploma anyway. I had thought of dong some ATT units but it looks like again I would have to pay an annual subscription on top of course fees.

I have my ICB Practice Licence and trying to pick up some clients for bookkeeping and if I pass the SA exam which is currently sitting on my desk at home a few self assessments. I also work in a company doing Bookkeeping to TB, management accounts and Payroll this includes closing stock journals, accruals, prepayments.

I am open to any and all suggestions for ideas of what I can study at home to keep what I have learned on the AAT course fresh and help with my job and trying to build my practice.


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    ATT is a one off student membership fee that lasts for 5 years, it's not annual. ATT is just brilliant and I highly recommend it.

    However I don't think it's extra study that will benefit you so much as CPD. CPD is more practical, usually, than study, and will make you feel more like its experience as opposed to more study, if that makes sense.
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    What sort of CPD do you recommend? I have been making sure to attend all the branch meetings and read the mag.
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