How can I gain experience of no-one will give me a job???

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Im currently studying Level 4 AAt. My problem is that U don't work in accounts or anything similar.

I currently run a cleaning company to make some money, but I would love a job in accounts.

My problem seems to be now that I am in my 3rd year of studies with no experience, I feel the longer it goes on the harder it will be for me to find a job.

Does anyone have any magic solutions for me, or better still if you have a job for me even better, Im in the blackpool area.......

Heres hoping someone has a magic solution for me

many thanks



  • welshwizard
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    Hi tehre

    How about volunteering for a local charity/church or even offering your services for free with you local Credit Union?

    Locally, why not try here:

    Remember any finance related experience counts towards your full membership experience.

    Hope this helps

    Good luck!
  • guinea pig
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    Welshwizard is right, look for any volunteering opportunity, there must be lots of large organisations/companies in your area? (following a mid-life career change & re-training) I did a few months volunteering in the audit office of a large charity, and it gave me experience which helped me get a job in my current place. The volunteering did involve a lot of filing, and tedious tasks, but this is common to most finance offices, and you can learn a lot from it.
    Are there any apprenticeship schemes available? I know that the government was sponsering some places, this may not still be an option, but it worth doing a bit of research.
    Do you prepare accounts for your own company? this is all experience, and helps put what you have learnt into practice.
    Good luck
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